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Mission Statement of Sacred Heart Parish We, the Church of the Sacred Heart, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, are a people of faith, graced by God to be His own: a joyful, sometimes struggling, sign of divine presence in our world. We seek a true knowledge of God by allowing the Good News from the voice of the Son to be heard in our midst, by immersing ourselves in the lives of all people, and by following the example of the Spirit in serving others, especially the "little ones". Acknowledging the example of the intimate, redemptive relationship lived out by Jesus Christ, we strive to be patient, forgiving, healing, freeing and uplifting in our lives and liturgies. By so doing, we glimpse the reality of the Kingdom and the cherished position of all people.

The Administrative Council oversees the finances and physical plant.
The Altar Society provides the bread, wine, missals, and other liturgical needs of the parish.
The Community Events Committee plans events which promote community.
The Faith Formation Committee facilitates events which strengthen and inspire spiritual growth.
The Hospitality Committee hosts and serves refreshments at funeral receptions, upon request, in the rectory basement or Sacred Heart Villa dining room. They provide coffee, punch and desserts made by volunteers.
The Liturgy Committee plans liturgies for the important feasts of the liturgical year.
The Liturgical Environment Committee is responsible for the interior decoration of the church's liturgical seasons.
The Pastoral Council is the planning council for the parish.
The Social Justice and Peace Commission raises awareness about current social justice issues, educates about Catholic social teaching and volunteers in social justice projects.
The St. Vincent De Paul Society provides for the needs of the poor in our parish boundaries.
The Youth Board is a group of parents who plan and organize fellowship for the youth of the parish.

Sacred Heart Parish
A Short History

Sacred Heart Parish was founded in 1893. The Benedictine Fathers of Mount Angel were asked to staff the parish in 1894 and continued to do so until 1998. The present day church was originally located at SE Boise Street and Milwaukie Avenue. The pillars inside the church were cut from trees growing on the property. In 1910 a new location was purchased from the Oregon Central Railroad Company and the church building was moved to its recent site at 11th and Center. The rectory was built that year too. A school, hall and convent were added later completing the parish complex that stood for nearly 100 years. The high ground on the western edge of Brooklyn came to be called Benedictine Heights on Portland maps. This name remains today as a reminder of the early Catholic influence.

Sacred Heart Parish emerged as a force in the neighborhood during its early growth. Gregory Hall on Center Street was the center of much and varied activity over the years. In the 1920's the hall was leased to Kiser Studios for the production of silent films. Approximately twelve silent films were made in the sandlot next to the hall. A young Boris Karloff played in Flames, a movie about the logging industry which was filmed at Sacred Heart. In the 1940's, the Young People's Club sponsored many dances for the young folks of the city.

Events and films aside, Sacred Heart Parish has long served the needs of the poor in this area and elsewhere. After the stock market crash in 1929, Fr Gregory Robl, pastor from 1903 to 1945 was instrumental in providing food and finding jobs for people. After WWII, clothing, and blankets and food were packed for shipment from our rectory to the war torn countries of Europe.

Sacred Heart School closed in 1992 due to low enrollment. Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center was housed in the building for three years until it was forced to close because the building did not meet City of Portland seismic requirements. In 2004, the parish sold property for the creation of a senior living facility. Gregory Hall was torn down in early 2005, while Sacred Heart School was demolished in June of that year.




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